Rank Production's roots go back to a study abroad trip in 2006 in Christchurch, New Zealand. Two young shredders with a passion for film making, Kevin Arnold and Benton Inscoe, started shooting together for fun and haven't stopped since. 

Rank Production's is a collaborative of passionate and creative individuals, specializing in all aspects of the production process.  We work with companies and film makers to help them turn their visions into reality. 



 Benton Inscoe

Benton Inscoe

Benton is always up for anything.  If it's the right project, he'll drop everything and do whatever it takes to make it happen.  Benton has been shooting video since his early days as a grom snowboarding and skateboarding.  He's been fortunate enough to travel the globe, capturing breathtaking imagery wherever he might be. Benton is the mastermind behind Rank's camera innovation and technology.  From shooting slow-motion barrels to motion-controlled time lapses in a far away land, Benton has a knack for capturing the moment. 

Kevin, like Benton, has been shooting video ever since he figured out how to turn on his parents camcorder. Fast forward 15+ years, and the passion is still alive.  Kevin's true passion is shooting adventure travel and action sports.  He is a true cinematographer and is always looking for the perfect shot.  He created Rank Productions with Benton in the Fall of 2009, with the vision to deliver high end cinematography to every client and project.

 Kevin Arnold

Kevin Arnold


Rod has an amazing knack for perfection.  Not only is he a extremely talented cinematographer he is also well rounded in all aspects of production.   If he is not getting the set perfectly lit, he is creating an amazing edit.  He has incredible knowledge in all camera systems and enjoys shooting on high speed prime lenses.  Rod's passion is shooting anything music related, outdoors, cars, and sports.  You can put Rod in any situation and he will deliver amazing work.  Rod is a crucial part to the Rank NW team and started shooting with Rank in 2014.  


 Rod Habon

Rod Habon

Sperry Van Ness

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Vail Resorts

Drone Mobile

"Hey Monster Hands off My City"

NBC's "Survive the 25 Endurace Race"

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