Boston George

We've been working hard on an ongoing project with G2C Productions on their upcoming film Boston Geroge.  We can't say much but it has been a very exciting project to work on.  Check back for more details. 

Park Homes New Zealand

It's been so amazing to be able to travel and share my art as a videographer with people.  We met Pascale at a backcountry hut while traveling in New Zealand.  Turns that Pascale and her husband Paul own a tiny home business Park Homes NZ.  They build amazing homes with state of the art material and are really making strides down in New Zealand.  

To make a long story short Pascale and Paul really took care of us in New Zealand and were so generous and such amazing host.  In return we made a video for them as a gift for there generosity.  We are tiny home advocates so we really enjoyed meeting them and working on this project. 

Vanlife Australia

Crickey! What an amazing year Dani and I have had in Australia. We traveled all over the East Coast from Cairns all the way down to Adelaide.  We had such an amazing expierience and met the most amazing people along our way.  We will forever miss Australia.  

Seattle timelapse footage

It's been about exactly one year since I left Seattle.  It has been an incredible journey across the world to Australia and now on to New Zealand.  I have been sitting on this footage for quite a while and had just recently had enough time to sit down and get serious about finishing a few projects.  Living on the road and working out of your vehicle makes it a bit difficult to buckle down and work on your passion projects.  

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Boutique Reality

Terrilee Whitsed owner of Boutique Reality located around the Gold Coast area.  Terrilee was in the midst of building a new website and wanted a video landing page showcasing how beautiful the Gold Coast area is.  I had shot tons of stock footage for this project over the course of two moths and we came up with a really amazing video for her new website. 

Animal Welfare League Queensland

Animal Welfare League a non-profit animal shelter out of Queensland, Australia, was in need of a few basic videos for a few of their ongoing projects throughout the community.   AWLQ is an amazing organization and are doing wonderful things in the Queensland community.   Check them out

I Want That Design Company Photos

I Want That Design, a architecture firm out of the Gold Coast, Australia had contacted me for their staff photos for their new website.  They were looking for something a bit different and not as boring as staff photos can typically be.  Here is what I came up with. 

Toothpaste Dentistry Gold Coast

The freelance videography and Photo work has been going smooth on the Gold Coast.  I recently had the opportunity to shoot some photos as well as a virtual tour of Toothpaste Dentistry's new Practice.  Business owner and Dentist, Tom Morrison was in the need for professional media for his website so he could prepare to launch his new business.  Now thanks to Rank and the branding experts at CSquared Design Tom now has an amazing website to go along with his new business.    

We also shot a very basic virtual tour of the space using a GoPro Hero 4 Black and a 3 Axis Gimble.  Tom doesn't have the need for an high end professional video but he wanted people to see his brand new state of the art facility here on the Gold Coast.  We were able to meets Tom's needs and budget and provide his business exactly what it needed. 


February Fun

I wrapped up my time in Seattle with some all time powder at Stevens Pass.  After that I headed down to Taos for an unbelievable powder day with friends.  After I got my fix Dani and I headed out to Australia to begin our year long work/travel holiday.  We ventured out to Springbrook National Park, Sydney, and spent many days on the beach.  Australia is treating us very nice and we hope to stay for quite a while.vBe sure to check back for more travel videos.  

Corporate Interviews with Bullseye Media

A few weeks back we had the opportunity to work alongside with Thomas Pace and his team Bullseye Media to shoot a series of interviews during an annual medical conference in Seattle.  We shot at Flutter Studios in Pioneer Square.  We ran three Panosonic GH4s and did a good amount of lighting and audio set up for the shoot.  We were very pleased with how the shots turned out.  Working with Tom and his team from New York City was a great time.  We hope to be working alongside with Bullseye Media in the future.   

GoPro Mountain Games 2015

We had the opportunity to shoot the 2015 GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado.  We were brought in by the Vail Valley Foundation to shoot solely on a GoPro Hero4 and produce a daily edit highlighting all the events and happenings around the venue.

It was an awesome opportunity to be able to have full access to all the events and especially the athletes.  We could walk to the start gate and ask athletes from Kayaker, Dane Jackson, to Stand Up Paddler, Chuck Patterson, to wear cameras during their events.   We were also able to work very closely with the GoPro media team and get additional POV and other material that we needed for our highlights.  

Shooting this event was a great time.  As a team, Benton and I are more geared towards outdoor/adventure cinematography. Filming all the high-action outdoor sports was just what we had been asking for.  We really hope to be back in Vail for the 2016 games.  

BZ Skateshop

Pat Frey, owner of BZ Skateshop recently brought the Rank team in to ramp up his online presence.  

It was our first ever total web media make over.  The website was built from ground up.  BZ owner Pat Frey needed all new media and branding.  We created his shop an e-commerce website where he could sell select products.  We also renewed and updated his Facebook page and are currently working with him on implementing a Facebook marketing strategy to crate a larger online presence.  We also created Yelp/instagram/and other various social media pages for his business. All the photos and videos for his website and social media pages provided him with all the media a small business owner could ever want.   Check out the new look of BZ Skateshop.

If your interested in ramping up your business's media contact us and we can discuss what a media make over can do for your company.  We have the people and tools to be a one shop stop for any business.  

Our First Slow Motion Booth

We know photo booths are a good time at weddings, company parties, or any party. But it's 2014 people and there's a new sheriff in town… The slow motion video booth. We recently had the opportunity to set up a slow motion booth at Brad and Lauren Melshenker's wedding reception in Winter Park, Colorado and it was a huge hit!  The props were picked by the wedding party so please excuse this X-Rated version.  

If you are interested in having a slow motion booth at your party or event, it's a great time and your guests will love the outcome.  We are working on incorporating the ability to send participants smaller files so that they can instantly share them on their smart phones through any social media application.  Also props can be anything you wanted.  In this case, they went a little overboard on the dildos but we aren't here to tell anyone no.  

This is a great chance for your guests to meet each other, have a good time, and most of all, laugh and smile.