Hey Monster Hands Off My City!

It’s been a little bit over a year since we first started working with San Francisco based comedian, Mike Meehan, on his project “Hey Monster Hands Off MY City”.  The film will be a feature-length monster-detective-comedy. We have been shooting all over SF with an all star cast, featuring many of San Francisco's best comedians. 

Mike does it all in his film. From starring as the unicycling monster hunter to designing the "gunning-grannies" costumes, everything you see in the film has been made by Mike, almost always from recycled and refurbished materials.  Every prop, costume, and set is a display of his artistic ingenuity. 

Mike is a super fun, positive guy to work with.  He is on the never ending hunt for talent. If he sees someone walking down the street that he wants for his film, he's gonna walk right up and ask them. From an amputee monster victim to European super models, Mike packs the cast with unsuspecting SF locals whenever he can.

One of the most exciting things about shooting this film has been the fact that we pretty much never have permits. It's total guerrilla film making at it's finest. We get in, get the shot, and get out. The cops have definitely gotten involved a few times but so far, it's ended with smiles every time.  A few locations we've shot at so far include the Academy of Sciences, Hall of Justice, Chinatown, USF Library, a Tenderloin Food Line, Japanese Tea Gardens, and pretty much any other iconic SF location you can imagine.  

Working with Mike on this project has been an awesome learning experience.  His passion and drive to create this movie is truly inspirational. As young cinematographers, it's a blessing to have a director give us so much creative freedom and room to experiment with different techniques and equipment. 

 Guerilla Filming at its' finest.  Downtown, San Francisco 

Guerilla Filming at its' finest.  Downtown, San Francisco