NAB 2014

We went to NAB this year with the ZM Interactive team to help promote and show off their new Innovacam Fisso gimbals.  If you've never been to NAB, you should plan on checking it out.   There's no other place like it.

There's something for everyone at NAB. You can even demo a Shot Over Camera system while drinking complementary domestics.  You can also test out the newest mechanical Jib arm thats mounted to a Ford Raptor from Filmotechnic.  Or maybe you're in the market for an RC Truck with a Movi Gimbal rigged to its' back... NAB is the place to check out anything and everything on the market.  

Of course, you can't leave NAB empty handed.  Not only did we learn tons of new stuff and meet some awesome people, we also picked up two drones and an Odessey 7Q for the FS700.  So, we're stoked and ready to do big things.