GoPro Mountain Games 2015

We had the opportunity to shoot the 2015 GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado.  We were brought in by the Vail Valley Foundation to shoot solely on a GoPro Hero4 and produce a daily edit highlighting all the events and happenings around the venue.

It was an awesome opportunity to be able to have full access to all the events and especially the athletes.  We could walk to the start gate and ask athletes from Kayaker, Dane Jackson, to Stand Up Paddler, Chuck Patterson, to wear cameras during their events.   We were also able to work very closely with the GoPro media team and get additional POV and other material that we needed for our highlights.  

Shooting this event was a great time.  As a team, Benton and I are more geared towards outdoor/adventure cinematography. Filming all the high-action outdoor sports was just what we had been asking for.  We really hope to be back in Vail for the 2016 games.