Seattle timelapse footage

It's been about exactly one year since I left Seattle.  It has been an incredible journey across the world to Australia and now on to New Zealand.  I have been sitting on this footage for quite a while and had just recently had enough time to sit down and get serious about finishing a few projects.  Living on the road and working out of your vehicle makes it a bit difficult to buckle down and work on your passion projects.  

Seattle was a special place for us and we met some amazing people out in the PNW.  This footage is taken probably over 2 years throughout the city into the peninsula and mountains as well.  

Videography and photography has really motivated me to go out and document the amazing places on earth.  Sometimes I look back at footage and think about my current situation and all the amazing places we get to experience on this earth and I think, "How did I get here?"  I figured Odezsa, being Seattle natives, would be the perfect artist for this piece.

I'd also like to give a big shout out to Rod Habon who helped out quite a bit in shooting and keeping me motivated throughout this project.  

Shot on Canon 7D mki using Magic Lantern and LRTimelapse to shoot and process all timelapses. All the motion control is through a Syrp Genine.